Love Buds Cocktail Party: Healthy Cocktail Party, Marijuana Infused Cocktails & Appitizers (Cooking

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Love Buds Cooking with Cannabis “Cocktail Party” is a beautifully illustrated, quick and easy to navigate collection of beverage and appetizers, recipes, including 100 of the top nutritious foods, herbs & spices for healthy meal preparation. Enjoy the 40 full page colored photos, makes preparation even more fun. Cooking with cannabis can be tricky, but with Love Buds, the Cocktail Party planning is safe and easy. The recipes are evenly divided: there are quick and easy recipes for those with moderate ability, and more exotic recipes for the clever mixologist. These tasty drinks are good for you, completely organic, and nutritious and will support both common and unusual Health issues & concerns. The Cooking with Cannabis Cook Books are filled with exciting ways to use only the healthiest ingredients. All recipes are sugar-free, dairy, fruits and vegetables.Many Recipes are Gluten-Free, Vegan and Vegetarian. Only the freshest, organic and aromatic herbs, spices and ingredients are used in our kitchen. In the Love Buds kitchen we use only People Love Buds Spice Blends and Love Buds Spice Blends with Cannabis. These spices can be purchased online or in an Oregon or soon available in Washington dispensary. The recipes in Love Buds Cooking with Cannabis include: infused alcohol and teas, beverages and smoothies, and no sugar sweeteners. Be very careful when combining marijuana, weed, cannabis, or pot with any alcohol, less is always best. The Love Buds recipes and life plan is based on good health and healing foods. If you or a loved one falls into any of the following concerns then I urge you to take the step towards a healthier life through healthy healing living with Love Buds. Concerns and conditions: Anti-oxidant, anti-age, Alzheimer’s. brain & memory, anxiety, insomnia, depression, bi-polar, cancer, nausea, diabetes, sugars, energy, stamina, eye health, gastrointestinal health, diverticulitis disease, IBD, IBS, crones, obesity, constipation, gallbladder & weight loss. Includes: heart, blood pressure, cardiovascular concerns, cholesterol, immune system, anemia, hepatitis, herpes, HIV and AIDS. Women’s issues including: menopause, PMS, urology, heart, reproduction, child birth, new mother, hormones & cholesterol. Men’s issues including: prostrate, urology, heart, cholesterol, high blood pressure, testosterone and sperm count. Nerve disorder, MS, seizures, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, pain, inflammation, Parkinson’s disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, sexual stimulant, weight gain & anorexia. The Cooking with Cannabis web site and social media is open to all who is interested in a healthier life and feeling better while including cannabis in their diet. Whatever you call it, cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, THC, CBD, ganja, or smoke we call it GREAT! The team at Love Buds are not advocates of smoking anything but are completely in favor of consuming cannabis that has been tested for purity and strength, in delicious foods made with nutritious ingredients. Your thoughts are our future Please enjoy! Recipes with Pot, Recipes with Marijuana, Recipes with Weed.

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