Love Buds Smoke & Grill: Outdoor Cooking with Marijuana, Weed, Pot and Cannabis (Cooking with Cannabis)

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Love Buds Smoke & Grill Cooking with Cannabis is a beautifully illustrated, easy-to-navigate collection of recipes, including 250 of the top nutritious foods, herbs and spices for healthy meal preparation, including 40 full page colored photos.. Cooking with cannabis can be tricky, but with Love Buds the meal planning is safe and easy. Introduction Chapter 1 Super Foods And Nutrition 19 Chapter 2 Quick Reference Recipes 29 Love Buds Blends, Spices, Smoothies & Teas 32-36 The Basics 37 Oils, Alcohols & Butters Infusions 37-43 Chapter 3 Nutritional Food List 45 Recipe 46 Summer Beverage Cocktails 79 Breakfast and Desserts 83 Grilled & Fresh Fruits 101 Nuts & Granolas-Smoky 107 Sides, Salad and Vegetables 110 Dressings-Toppings-Salsas 126 Beans, Rice and Tofu 144 Pasta 148 Pizza on the Grill 150 Fish & Seafood 155 Meat 169 Beef & Smoked Beef 169 Lamb & Wild Game 175 Pork 182 Poultry & Game Birds 185 What are Love Buds? Love Buds are organic, nutritious, packaged spice blends with cannabis. We make it simple by combining only the finest ingredients to create delicious meals. The goal at Love Buds is to combine medical-grade cannabis with only healthy food, spices and herbs that together, help you manage your health concerns and challenges. These recipes are for all levels of culinary abilities. They will show you just how easy it is to prepare foods using Canna Spice Blends. However, we’ve also made it possible for you to mix your own spice blends and add cannabis as you want or need to. Be careful that you choose the right strain of cannabis for your particular situation. For helpful information on the different strains see The recipes are equally divided: There are quick and easy recipes for those with moderate ability, and more exotic recipes for the gourmet chef. These tasty meals are good for you, completely organic and nutritious and will support both common and unusual health issues and concerns.

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